If you find that you have a student missing from your class list, the class you are using is likely not the class that is automatically updated with your roster on PowerSchool each evening.  Please work through the following steps to fix this issue (the attachment includes screenshots for these directions).

  1. Login to your Teacher Workspace and click on the Teacher Edition for your grade level.
  2. Click on "Manage and Assign"
  3. Click on the drop down box that lists your class (i.e. "2ND GRADE")
  4. If you see two classes listed ("2ND GRADE" and "2ND GRADE"), click on the second class.
  5. Click on "Class Details"
    At this point, you will likely need to set up the calendar for this other class.  
    1. Select the first teaching day (Sept. 2) and for Select Planner: choose "Existing Class Planner" so your calendar is set up the same.  
    2. Click next and finish setting up your calendar
  6. Review the students listed.  This class should have all your students assigned to your class in PowerSchool.  Please use this class for the year.

If you want to delete the other class (one that is missing students), please follow the directions below.  Please note that if you have assigned activities/assignments to students in this class, it will be deleted and you will need to assign these in your other class.    

  1. Click on "Manage and Assign"
  2. Determine which class you want to delete (the one that does not have all your students listed) and select this class from the drop down menu.
  3. Click on "Class Details" 
  4. Click "Remove" (be sure you are removing the correct class- look over your roster closing to ensure it is the class that is missing students!)