Each staff member has two email accounts. An email that is associated with their Outlook account (@psd401.net) and another associated with their Google account (@edtools.psd401.net). Unless you check your Gmail account regularly, you may be missing emails that are sitting in your Gmail account. The directions below will walk you through forwarding your Gmail account to your Outlook account. 

  1. Access your Gmail account by going to my.psd401.net and then mouse over Google and select Google Mail.

  2. Click on the gear for Settings (far right side of the screen) and select Settings.

      3.  Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and then Add a forwarding address


     4. Enter your district email address in the next window and select Next.


    5. Confirm the forwarding address by selecting Proceed and then OK.



You’re done! Now all of your EdTools emails will be forwarded to your Outlook account.