Best Practice:

Before a student is dropped, removed from the district or transferred to another school within the district, the teacher needs to enter final grades and comments for that student and then print. If this does not take place then it is a lot more work for everyone.

If the student is dropped before report is generated:

  1. The teacher needs to enter final grade and comments in the grade book. The student is in the Dropped section in the left column, center box.

  2. Select the student listed and then in the drop-down box choose Filter by Selected.

  3. Add the scores and comments like you would for any student. The comments must be entered in the Score Inspector before the next step so that we have a permanent record of the comments.

If the student is leaving the district then the Office Manager at that school needs to print the report. The classroom teacher can’t print the report.

If the student is transferring to another school in the district, the Office Manager at that school has to print the report.

Comments: It has been our experience that once the student is dropped the comments entered in the Score Inspector won’t print on the report. Therefore, the teacher should copy the comments from the Score Inspector and past them into a separate document, print and attach to the final report.

NOTE: All this extra work can be avoided if the report is completed and printed before the student is officially dropped.