The following is the current status of report cards for Trimester 2. The biggest topic of discussion from the first trimester centered around comments. Although we have more information, comments remain limited in both length and formatting. The following information will hopefully help you "sail" smoothly through the process.

Getting Started:

  • As soon as you open the grade book be sure to switch from T1 to T2 at the top of the Score sheet page.

Comparing Scores from T1 to T2

  • The easiest way to see your T1 scores as you work on your T2 scores is to use the drop down list mentioned above and shown below. It is easy to switch back and forth as you enter scores for students.


  • Remember that you can Fill a column with like scores. Just enter the scores that are not the same first (i.e. most are 3 so fill in the 2, 4 and 1 scores first) then fill in the rest. Right-click in a score box and select Fill Scores. Be sure Student with no scores is selected.


Comments for T2

  • Again, it is recommended that all comments be entered under Attendance.

  • It has been determined that you have room for 1,800 characters in the comment section for T2. More than this will “bleed” into the T3 section on the comment page. This equates to 18 lines of text on the report card with each line averaging about 100 characters. 

  • We are working with the consultant to determine a way to add line breaks but each line break would reduce your total characters by 100.

  • The size of the font for T2 and T3 have been increased given that the font size for T1 was way too small.