Hapara Releases New User Interface for Teacher Dashboard

The highlights:

  • a cleaner, faster interface with easier access to key features (SmartShare, Groups)

  • more robust document copy/share capabilities: multiple files, multiple classes

  • easier navigation between classes

  • more flexible grouping of students within a class

  • new “home” for Teacher Dashboard: teacherdashboard.com

What should you expect?

Hapara is about to bring you Teacher Dashboard 2. Their new look will include SmartShare, the even-smarter successor to SmartCopy, which incorporates your feedback. You can send multiple files at once, you can send files to multiple classes of students at once, and it’s all in a single screen. Just imagine the increased time savings!

In addition, you can also assign students to multiple groups. This enables you to place your students into meaningful categories which can translate to more efficient visibility throughout the assignment and deeper collaboration opportunities.

The much-loved document preview is still present when you hover over the document link. However you will notice a cleaner interface and presentation of the valuable meta-data. Key information of when your students last viewed and worked on an assignment is front and center—making your student learning much more visible.

Want to Take a Look?

Make sure you are logged into the Portal and Google Drive then go to teacherdashboard.com