Here are some resources but if you are looking for good curriculum apps for your iPad do a Google search. Some of the best search results come when you include the grade level, subject area, device and the word review (i.e. 5th grade math ipad apps reviews). Other have already done the testing of apps and are glad to share the work they have done.


8 Great Free Web Resources Focused on Using the iPad in Education - be sure to also look at the links on the right!

Teaching Appz - review of apps for the classroom and teaching. Organized by subject or age.

39 Sites for Using iPads in the Classroom - a comprehensive list of links to sites.

Getting Started with iPads - lots of resources, some may be a little outdated.

More Links on Apps - great collection of links devoted to education Apps.

Learning to Use Apps - A collection of videos on how to use selected apps.

iPad App Evaluation for the Classroom: Interesting article on evaluating educational apps

Kathy Schrock's iPads4Learning Good organization of iPad resources and Kathy Schrock is always a good resource.

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