Once you have signed into Chrome on multiple devices you can start to coordinate your use of Chrome between the devices. 

You can personalize you use of Chrome to include...

  • Sharing mobile bookmarks
  • Sharing Apps or Extensions installed from the Web Store
  • Accessing tabs open on other devices.
  • Sharing links saved to the Bookmarks bar
  • Having access to your favorite pages
This means that if you add an app at home or save a bookmark and then log into a ChromeBook at school you will have access to the app and bookmark. It is like having your own personal browser configured the way you like to use it with the tools you need to be productive.

All you have to do is sign into Chrome and then everything you need is there. If you are asked if you want to sync your login say yes so that it joins and gathers the information from previous uses of Chrome.

For example, if you click on the right corner icon and then select Recent Tabs this will show you a list of tabs you have open in Chrome on other devices like a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop.