When a district ChromeBook is opened it turns on, connects to WIFI and then goes to the login screen. With a district ChromeBook it should first connect to the Secure WIFI but at times it may connect to Open and ask you to Accept the rights agreement before continuing to the login screen. If this happens just accept and continue on.

At the login screen you can Browse as guest or log into your district Edtools account. For most general uses we recommend that students log in as guest and then access their Portal. If students or staff want to coordinate their use of Chrome across devices or add apps and extensions, then they can log into the ChromeBook using their district Edtools account.

Chrome Login (same for Google Apps)

You must login with your district Google Account.

Staff = user name@edtools.psd401.net and then your district password

Example: smithj@psd401.net

Student = student#@edtools.psd401.net and then their student password

Example: 1234567@edtools.psd401.net


Ending Your Session

There are two ways you can end your session on a district ChromeBook. 

  1. In the lower right corner of the screen you can click on the picture icon and Sign Out.
  2. Using the Power button you can turn the ChromeBook off. Just shutting the lid does not sign you out, therefore the next person to use the ChromeBook will be connected to your account when they open the ChromeBook.
It is always important to turn off the ChromeBook before you close the lid so that you always know that you are disconnected from any accounts you have logged into.