Logging into Chrome on a computer

How to log into the Chrome Browser

If you open Chrome in a new session you will be presented with a login on the opening browser page. 

Google Login

You must login with you district Google Account.

Staff = user name@edtools.psd401.net and then your district password

Example: smithj@psd401.net

Student = student#@edtools.psd401.net and then their student password

Example: 1234567@edtools.psd401.net

If you do not see the login page then you can also log in via the Settings. In the upper right corner you will see an icon that looks like three lines. Click on the icon and then from the list click on Sign into Chrome.

Signing Out can be Tricky

If you are signing into Chrome on a shared computer then you will need to sign out when you are done. Chrome assumes that the computer is your work station and therefore wants to keep you signed in all the time. 

  • To sign out you need to click on the corner icon again and then click on "Signed in as...". Where is says "Users", you need to click on Delete this user.
  • Another method is to Add a new user each time someone wants to sign into Chrome and then just switch users rather then sign out. This works fine on a home computer when you know who the users are and the number of users are manageable. At school this is not a good idea because then the other accounts are accessible to anyone.
  • Outside of home it is a best practice to Delete the user when you are done.