Apple Mini Connections

Steps to resolving display issues: Windows

When there is a message on the monitor that says no signal

  • Disconnect the projector adapter and restart. Have the projector on
  • After you are logged in reconnect the projector.

If your monitor has a black screen and no message

  • You most likely have a CD/DVD in the disk drive. Disconnect the drive from the USB port and restart the computer.¬†
  • After you are logged in eject the CD/DVD

When there is no image to both or the projector

  • Disconnect the projector (white connector)¬†
  • Restart the computer¬†
  • Log onto the computer and then connect the projector
Steps to resolving display issues: Mac

When you have a blank (white) background on the monitor

  • This means that the login for computer is on the projector
  • Turn the projector on and login. Once you are logged in then you will have an image on the monitor.