For Windows Machine,

Connect to link


Select the Forticlient balloon

Download the windows version of VPN software.

Install on same PC, once installed

Download the file attached to this document.  Forticlient.conf save it to your desktop

1 Open the forticlient in task bar (the green Shield) Right mouse click select the forticlient console.

2 From the console after it opens, Select file then settings, click on restore

Select the file forticlient conf you just saved to your desktop.

Select open then click OK

Try to login with the username and password provided.

You should now be connected to PSD

For Mac users

Select network from the System Preferences icon

Click on the + icon to add a new Service

From the interface drop down select VPN the type to select from the drop down is Cisco IPSec

Add a service name (whatever you desire example PSD VPN

Press create

The server address is

The account name and PW is whatever we created for you

Press authentication settings

The shared secret is “Sawblade1”

Group name is ios

Select OK

Try and connect with your UN and PW you should be attached to PSD VPN